The Seven Founding Babes

Project: New Born was founded in 1973 by Schatzi Kassal, with six dedicated friends who called themselves the Seven Founding Babes, they included Peggy Banick, Marlene Berg, Bella Goldstein, Alice Goodhart, Sandy Enfield and Sandy Rattner. The 7 women began an incredible journey to raise the desperately needed, lifesaving funds to provide the necessary care for tiny infants worldwide.

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Through the years, the following members have been named as Bonus Babes: Barbara Berman, Shelly Bermont, Betti Bernay, Bonnie Blank, Brenda Nestor Castellano, Bonnie Cohen, Melanie Cohen, Colleen Fain, Mimi Fuchs, Barbara Petersen, Barbara Schwartz, Hermina Seiden, Bonnie Sepe, and Shelley Yeckes. Together with a faithful president, Joslynn Drucilla Miller,and a Banyan Society Grand Chairman, Lola Jacobson, the over $20 million they raised over the next 40+ years was entirely earmarked for research, equipment, subsidizing salaries and advocacy programs for preemies and high risk infants worldwide. In reviewing the long history of Project: New Born and the hard work on the part of a multitude of volunteers and supporters, the results are most rewarding.


about us sfb 004 SEVEN FOUNDING BABES
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