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UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI, Dept. of Pediatrics Schatzi Kassal Project: New Born Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

The section of the NICU that cares for the very smallest and sickest babies (NICU-A) was recently renovated to better enable the delivery of state-of-the-art care while providing a more comforting environment for patients and their families. The new layout and facilities include an expanded nursing station, a dedicated satellite pharmacy that serves just these smallest children, computerized x-ray viewing areas, and a comfortable parent counseling room so parents can meet doctors in privacy without having to leave the unit…..

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Kaufold, Kelly, “Tiny Patients, Enormous Dreams.” MIAMI MEDICINE MAGAZINE. Fall 2008

Herty Overton had a problem. She was pregnant with her first child and barely out of her second trimester, but her daughter Lauryn was tired of waiting. She was on the way. Now….

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Phillips, Deborah, “Baby’s Breath.” MIAMI MEDICINE MAGAZINE. Winter 2002

hrough a labyrinth of hallways with bright blue walls, where balloons and kites dot the landscape and hushed sounds guard the sleep of sick children, a thin white needle gauges the first breaths of a new life. A plastic tube snakes toward a mouth smaller than a rosebud, allowing a machine to assist tiny pink lungs that were not yet ready to leave a mother’s womb….


Learning From the Project: New Born Founder and Team

By: Helena Hernandez

In 2011, as a student at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart in Miami, FL, I was encouraged to expand my volunteer experience. The summer following my sophomore year, I contacted Schatzi Kassal and offered to volunteer at Project: New Born. I was invited to tour the NICU at Jackson Memorial Hospital, my tour guide was none other than Schatzi herself. After seen the NICU first hand, I began to help with projects, mainly the fashion shows. As a member of the organization, I learned the work that it takes to have a successful event and more importantly, how privileged I was to have been born healthy. As the youngest member, age 15 at the time, I had to behave in a mature, responsible way around a team of mostly adults. My experiences with Project: New Born allowed me to grow and learn to handle myself during stressful times. Fast forward, nearly four years and I still find myself using the same skills that Schatzi and the Project: New Born team taught me. Currently, I am a rising junior at Babson College and an intern at Argopoint. My mature self is what allowed me the opportunity to work in the marketing aspect of the legal department operations team at this boutique legal management consulting firm in Boston, MA. During my time working with the Argopoint team, I will learn how to assist to improve the performance of Fortune 500 companies using legal metrics.

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